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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello world

Everyone loves receiving handwritten letters. Am I right? Imagine going to your letterbox and instead of a window envelope there’s a thick cream envelope with scrawly handwriting, addressed to you. Immediately your interest is piqued. Perhaps you smile. Because a handwritten letter is a wonderful thing.

When you receive a handwritten letter, you know that someone has been thinking of you. You know that they sat down with paper and a pen and – in their own hand – wrote down the things they wanted to say to you. It may be deep, or they may just be telling you about their day, and wondering how your day was. I find it doesn’t much matter what the letter is about – it doesn’t change my enjoyment level. I feel like a friend is sharing something with me that is important to them, and it’s a joy to receive it.

So I have started this blog as a place where I can record my letter-writing experiences – both writing and receiving. I hope that other letter-lovers will find me and join in the conversation here. Because I don’t believe handwritten letters are dying – as some have proclaimed. No – they are simply finding a new niche. A niche of people who appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes into letter-writing and will always find space for it in their lives, no matter how technologically-advanced we become.

Love from Kaz


  1. hello friend,
    what a beautiful blog!
    i too enjoy writing ((and of course receiving!!)) letters.
    i don't think that handwritten letters are becoming obsolete,
    well... at least not to me!!
    i enjoy writing a little note to a friend and popping it in the mail,
    even if i do not receive snail mail in return,
    most times i get a lovely little text or an e-mail saying how much they enjoy my letters and i smile knowing i brightened a day with a simple hello!
    hope you have a beautiful day,

  2. Welcome to the world of letter-writing blogs! I just found yours via 365 Letters, and have linked this from my blog. Have fun, and keep on writing!

  3. Hi Megan, and the Missive Maven! Lovely to hear from you both, and to be communing with other letter writers. There are many more of us out there than I used to think!

    Love from Kaz