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Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter Art


I have been lost in a bout of websurfing tonight, and discovered some beautiful blogs about letter art.

I have received some beautiful letters over the years. A stand out is probably a girl called Sue who was part of a group whom I travelled to India with, many many moons ago. Sue and I became close, and on our return we kept in touch by writing letters (she was in Brisbane, I was in Melbourne). Her letters were always gorgeous. She would cut out pictures from magazines, cards, junk mail - whatever, and paste them onto pretty letter-writing paper, sometimes adding her own painted or drawn artwork as well. The pages were beautiful, quirky and fascinating collages.

I've never been huge on decorating letters. I do go to some trouble to find nice writing paper, and I try to keep my handwriting 'attractive' but that's about the extent of it for me. Sometimes I think about doing some artwork on some paper or envelopes, but for me the written content of the letter has always been the main thing. I also feel like adding artwork to the process would just delay me in getting my letters finished and in the post. But perhaps I am looking at things the wrong way round? Perhaps it's taking the time to decorate the paper and the envelope that's the important thing.

It would be lovely to hear from anyone who is into letter art. I'd like to know your motivation behind it, and how you keep coming up with creative ideas for your letters.

Oh, I've also decided to include my postal address here now. You'll find it in my profile. I figure I should walk the talk!

I wrote to Deb W today - a kind of crazy, random letter written at the dining room table over various cups of tea during the day, as kids came and went and asked to get dropped off at other kid's houses. I realised after I'd signed of and sealed it, that I'd forgotten to respond to a couple of her questions. Ah well, I guess that will be something for the next letter!

Love from Kaz

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