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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Passing it on

One of the joys of being a letter-writer is the lovely responses you get from recipients. But best of all is when a recipient of a letter says something like, 'Oh, I'd forgotten how much I love letters... I'm going to get back into writing them!' This is pretty much how things have gone with my friend Dani. We worked together years ago, then lost touch, then got back in touch via facebook, then when I announced I was getting back into letter-writing she threw her hand in the air and said, 'Pick me!' Since then we've exchanged about three letters each, and if this continues she will be in the running to be my most regular responder. Not bad for a girl who hadn't written letters in ages.

There's only one thing that tops that, and that's watching my kids get bitten by the letter-writing bug. My son has particularly taken to the whole concept. I guess he sees me busy with stamps and paper and envelopes... and then he sees me getting nice little bits and pieces out of our letterbox... and he wants a slice of that action. These school holidays he's written letters to both sets of grandparents, and is now considering who else to write to. I kind of want to sign him and his sister up for postcrossing, but I think I'll play it cool and wait til they ask about it, rather than attempt to foist it upon them.

The funny thing was, when my Mum got Darcy's letter she emailed me and said she'd give him a call that evening. I hastily emailed back and asked if she would mind writing back instead - he was so hoping for a letter back! Isn't it funny how for many people these days, when they get a letter their first response is to email or ring? Thankfully she took the hint and her and my Dad have written letters to the kids. I'm crossing my fingers that it might be the beginning of a lovely family tradition.

Who have you passed the letter-writing bug onto? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. As I have worked on my own letter-writing project I've received some lovely letters in return, from folks who have said they plan to write not only to me, but to others that my project has brought to mind. It's so wonderful to spread the joy of handwritten letters. Enjoy your trip!!!

  2. Bit by bit, perhaps we will convince the whole world to pick up a pen and start writing again. Ah, we can only dream...