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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holiday postcards

Half the fun of a trip away, I think, is sending poscards and I was filled with happiness to have so many to send on my recent weekend in Sydney.

I had a lovely time. I was in a small (cheap!) hotel in an area called Potts Point which is just squeezed in between Kings Cross (Sydney's infamous red light district), and the bit of Sydney Harbour with the Royal Botanic Gardens and Opera House. It was lovely to go on little rambles from the hotel and discover amazing views of the harbour. Lots of pretty architecture, too, as it is one of Sydney's oldest suburbs. There were many good moments on the three days I was there. I particularly enjoyed hunting down stationery stores and op shops, and had some lovely eats as well.

I had no trouble picking up great postcards - they were everywhere. It was nice to have postcards to write each time I stopped somewhere. I wrote 22 in all and brought home some extras in case anybody missed out. If you would like one, let me know... otherwise they will gradually get used up by postcrossing.

There's nothing like being on holidays to forget what day it is, and I must confess that I may have written the completely wrong date on some postcards. I found myself writing 11.10.09 (11th October 2009) at one point... I have no idea why! But if you receive a postcard do check the date. They were all sent on either the 10th, 11th or 12th September.

Love from Kaz

PS Just a postcrossing update. It feels like the universe is trying to right the wrong. Since I blogged about the recipient who complained at the quality of the postcard I sent her, I have had several other recipients all message me to say how much they like the postcard I'd sent them. I have to say that all the positive comments far outweigh the odd negative one.


  1. PPS Anomalina - I have a postcard ready to send to you but am still waiting for your address!

  2. Mine arrived this morning, it;s lovely, thank you ever so much! I'm on a course this week and today made my head ache so that was something very nice to come home to! Glad you had such a lovely trip xx

  3. My postcard arrived today. Thank you for taking to time write, I love it!

  4. Wow - they arrived so quick! I'm impressed.

    Rebecca - sending you one right now. :-)

  5. Thanks for the postie Kaz! I got it yesterday, so it was a nice birthday surprise for me :) Can't wait to hear about that stationery store you found :) (The date on mine was 10.9.10 btw :o))

  6. ok, I forget this shows up as tomorrow (the 16th) when I post. I got it on the 14th :o)

  7. Got your postcard two days ago Kaz! Thanks a bunch; it was lovely to see Sydney through your eyes :-)

  8. Thank you for the postcard. Love it :)