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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Letter rich

Just home from a lovely camping trip with very special friends. Of course, I took letter-writing supplies so - along with swimming, eating, roasting marshmallows, bushwalking and nipping into the nearby small town for op-shopping, hot chocolates and book-browsing - I managed to get a few letters written. And quite a few postcards, of course!

I also found myself, at one point, trying to explain mail art to my mate who is a very blokey-bloke (man's man is probably the term in some other countries). He asked lots of questions and was fascinated by the idea that people create beautiful, quirky, unique stuff and then send it through the post. Yep, it is pretty wonderful.

On arriving home, I checked my post office box for the first time since last Thursday and was thrilled to find it brimming with mail: a pretty postcrossing postcard from Finland; an amazing postcard of the Grand Canyon from Bonnie; a reply from Kate in Melbourne who I wrote to after we lost touch - it was a very sweet letter and included an up-to-date photo of her two young girls; a fabulous letter from Pamela with another of her beautiful photo cards and lots of interesting paper ephemera; a  thoughtful reply from Rusty written with a fountain pen in orange crush-coloured ink; and a very lively, chatty first letter from Skully.

Sitting here looking at my mail, I'm once again impressed by how unique each piece is and how it indefinably reflects something of the sender.

Receiving such beautiful mail makes me feel 'rich'... no matter what the balance of my bank account is.

Love from Kaz

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  1. Happy my letter was waiting for you and cheering up your post office box!