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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A bygone era

I picked this book up on ebay recently. I couldn't resist it. I think it must have been part of a series called 'Australian Knowledge' that probably went out to primary schools everywhere. Judging by the hair styles, etc, I would have placed this in the 1970s, but the publication date says 1985. Funny... I remember the 80s being much more 'modern' than this.

What a happy young postal worker, in a simpler time when people regularly mailed letters to each other and looked forward to the visit of the postie each day.

Doesn't this moustachioed postal worker look pleased with himself?

I'm beginning to think all Australia Post workers used to be on drugs... they all look so happy!

The latest in postal transportation.... once upon a time.

I can still remember when our postie delivered our mail on a pushbike. I loved how he would ding his bell as he pedalled away, if we had mail.

I've really enjoyed flicking through this book and holding a piece of postal history, but now I am beginning to think these pages would make fantastic mail art... What to do? Should I cut it up and put it to use, or preserve it just the way it is? What do you think?

Love from Kaz


  1. Kaz--This is the problem I have also - it is so hard to tear up one of a kind books. You could color copy the pages and use them. I do that sometime. Or keep looking for another copy. Let us know what you decide. Or, better yet, send me some mail-art.

  2. Oh, you have to keep it the way it is. You will regret it if you cut it up ^_~