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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We have a winner - at last

Ah, 'Better late than never' is a saying I am grateful for as I often draw upon it. This is one such occasion. I have FINALLY drawn my give away (only one week and two days late).

Here is the result:

True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:71

Number 71 is the lovely and talented lady behind 365 Letters. Congratulations! Your prize will be winging its way to you shortly.

Love from Kaz


  1. Wow! Thank you so much! I love your blog and enjoy your posts.

  2. Hey there!

    My name is Jess and I just wanted to let you know that I've linked to your blog over at my own at http://postaladdict.blogspot.com (Snail Mail Aficionado)

    Happy writing!


  3. Kaz--you must be very busy--missing your posts!

  4. So glad Carla at 365 Letters won your giveaway, Kaz; she just sent me my very first "winning" notecards (which is why I had my own giveaway today for the first time).

    EMP at http://correspondencequarter.blogspot.com/

  5. This stings right through my heart. Your words are so honest and true. The words I've been dying to say to someone who walked all over my heart.

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