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Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Julia

Yesterday was an historic and momentous day for Australia. We gained our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. I was pondering this last night and realised that we also have our first female Governor General, and our first female Premier of New South Wales - quite a trifecta.

As a woman, and as the mother of a daughter, I am so glad that my children are growing up in a world where it is actually possible for a woman to be PM - not something we just give lip-service to.

I do not know if being a woman will make Julia a better PM. I hope it will mean she is a more patient, thoughtful and compassionate leader, but that she can still lead decisively and make the tough decisions. I hope she will conduct herself with poise and grace. I hope that she will run this country the way that I would really like to see it run.

So, I have decided - naturally - to write Julia a letter. How many hand-written letters do you think politicians receive? Not too many, I reckon. I'm hoping it might actually make it into her hands. I'll tell her how proud I am that we have a female PM and what my hopes for her term as prime minister are. I'll share my hopes and dreams for the future of Australia, the kind of Australia I'd like my kids to inherit.

I'm off to do it now.

Love from Kaz

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