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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Julia... again...

Ever since I first wrote to Julia (Australia's Prime Minister - since we're corresponding I think we're on a first name basis) a few weeks ago, I have been feeling the urge to do it again. I'd like to keep up a little running discourse. I'll try not to bother her with long boring letters, but will just send her my (succinct) thoughts about what's going on in the country and how she is going.

It's funny, I wouldn't consider myself a very political person. I've never joined a party, for instance. I got involved in some demonstrations as a uni student, but who doesn't? This is more about me wanting to go beyond politics and make a human connection. I also recently wrote to ex-PM Kevin, just to sort of say 'thanks' and 'goodbye'.

I want my letters to Julia to stand out though - I don't want them lost with all that other truly boring correspondence she must get every day. Also, I wanted an excuse to try out my new stamps, naturally. I picked these up on my recent travels - they are from the beautiful and bountiful Brown Bookstore in Bowral and they are my first ever stamps. As you will see, my technique needs some work but I'm going with 'rustic' and 'homespun' as suitable epithets for how this looks.



The other great find on my travels was a flower press that I picked up in a secondhand shop in Milton, a picturesque seaside town. I can't wait to add some pressed flowers to letters...

My little trip was lovely... but I am also very glad to be home again.

Love from Kaz

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  1. I do believe your letters to Julia will stand out--you clearly are putting into them thought and care (right down to the stamps) that many people, cranking out form letters day after day, do not. You must let us know if you receive a reply!

    Happy letter writing!

  2. Oh, I will. Imagine if I got a handwritten reply? Somehow I don't think that will happen - but I shall provide updates of any replies from pollies.

  3. http://postalartpress.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks Bruno - I will update the entry.

  5. Nothing yet - I guess she's too busy on her election campaign but I'll keep you posted.