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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Get Mighty Wallet from REMO General Store

One thing I know about letter-writers - we love all the bits that go with it. Beautiful paper from vintage to fully-recycled with bio-ink, and everything in between; pens whether it's a fountain pen you were given years ago, or a crazy-coloured gel pen that just writes beautifully; letter openers; letter holders; seals; and then all the extra bits and pieces to make mail art - it goes on and on!

Today I am sharing with you a cute little item that I love. It's a wallet that looks like a letter. I have had mine for about six months now and it has become suitably battered and care-worn - in other words, it looks fabulous. It also holds all my cards and notes - it seems to magically expand the more I put in it. You'll need a separate purse for coins... if you're a girl, that is. Most blokes I know just shove their coins in their pockets!

What I like best is that if I accidentally leave it lying on my desk at work, or on the front seat of my car (which has been known to happen!) any passerby will glance at it and just think it's an old letter, ie of no value. Little do they know.

It's also fun to check the looks people give you when you pull it out at the supermarket. :-)

I bought mine from Remo General Store (click the button to go there) but as they are manufactured in NY from recycled material, I imagine their available in other places. Just google Mighty Wallet. There are a few designs. I chose 'Postcard', of course.

I'd love to hear what your favourite piece of letter-writing paraphernalia is...

Love from Kaz


  1. These look fabulous! And they do international delivery which is even better! Might have to look into getting one of these :o)

  2. Thanks Es - I really do love this. I'm not going to be one to regularly promote certain products, but this is something I use everyday and just think it's too good not to share!