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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Then and Now

Before I returned to letter-writing, I
  • had many more bad mail days than good mail days
  • knew I had letter sationery... somewhere
  • thought postcards were only for tourists
  • had no idea what was on the current series of postage stamps
  • hardly ever went to the post office
  • didn't really know anyone in the US, UK or Canada
  • didn't know what letter art was
  • didn't have a glue stick on my bedside table
  • had no idea there was such a rich community of bloggers and letter-writers
  • had no idea how much I would love this - and how all-consuming it would become!
How have letters changed your life?

Love from Kaz.
PS Thanks Dani for your fabulous letter which arrived today.


  1. I've been doing the mail enthusiast thing for about 30 years (maybe longer ... the 70s were a bit of a blur), but when I started, my children were very young and letters always helped me maintain my self ... the self that wasn't so-and-so's mom or X's wife. Of course, I loved being mom and wife (though the latter changed in later years), but the people I wrote to didn't know my children or husband. They knew just me.

    I would write letters in the evening, after the girls were in bed. It was a treat at the end of the day. Now I write letters whenever because my children are grown and I don't have schedules to maintain, but it is still a treat.

  2. I had a conversation just like this with another Mum yesterday. She realised about 12 month's ago that she wasn't 'Charmaine' anymore - she was just 'Mum'. For her, she reclaimed her own identity by reviving her interest in writing fiction.

    For me, letters are a huge part of who I am these days. It's so wonderful that you have been doing it for 30 years. I hope it will be the same for me.

    PS I received your lovely postcard today - thank-you!

  3. On my list I forgot to say that the biggest thing that has changed is that I now LOVE going to my letter box.

  4. For me, letter writing represents how we appreciate the time and effort people put into writing letters, and for me to receive them.

    I love the fact that my friends have taken the time to write to me to let me know how they are doing. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace cannot be the only way someone lets you know how they are doing.

    It is about connecting with someone. Letter writing has allowed to connect with a long lost friend called Kaz.

  5. I love it too, Kaz. I go to the mailbox with a lot of hope and many days there have been wonderful surprises waiting for me. It is time consuming but well worth it. I'm so happy that there are so many letter lovers out there!