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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where do you write?

As my letter-writing ramps up - I'm now averaging about a letter a day... though sometimes I will go 2-3 days without writing one and then write a few all at once - I'm realising that I need to get more organised.

I'm a bit haphazard at the moment. Sometimes I'm on the sofa,with my letter-writing supplies spread out beside me... this can get messy if I'm doing a bit of letter-craft! Sometimes I spread out on the dining table. I like the way the sun pours in over the table, so this is a favourite spot when I'm home during the day. Sometimes I take a letter pad to a cafe and scrawl a letter while I have lunch or a coffee. And sometimes I've even been known to write a quick card while I'm in the post office!

I actually have a writing desk. It's a cute roll-top that I picked up quite a few years ago in a second-hand store. It's not valuable, but I like it because it just looks nice. It's painted white, and has lots of little shelves for pens and paper and other paraphernalia.

Unfortunately, as it sits in the entrance of my little house, it's become a repository. Library books, junk mail, DVDs that have to be returned, odd bits and pieces, all end up on my writing desk... so it never gets used for writing at all. Right now all my writing supplies are piled up on the dining table. Clearly something has to be done!

I have been thinking about how I can reclaim my writing desk, and perhaps the first step is to move it so it's not in a position to get dumped on. There's no obvious solution, as my home is small on space (though big on charm!) but I think it's a problem that I need to resolve, so that I can be a bit more organised. I spent ten minutes looking for my stamps this morning... sigh.

Where do you write, and how do you keep things organised? I'd love some tips.

Love from Kaz


  1. I'd love to give you some tips on getting organised, but... you've seen my house. *shrugs*

  2. this is marnie from the good mail day list...and sadly i write from bed! i have to keep a blanket covering all my things, as my house rabbit, chai, loves to nibble everything-and i often read her the letters i get : ). it's awful, but as i've only been really writing a few months, i've got all my necessary things (glue/scissors/printer/laptop/mags and things to use for recycling art.../etc.) all right there! welcome to the list! i look forward to talking to you soon : )

  3. Marnie, I love this system. I already have half my bed taken up with books, notebooks, half-read letters, clothes... it might actually be MORE organised if I cleared all that off and set up my letter-writing things there instead. And of course, I love the whole concept of writing letters in bed... particularly as it's deepest darkest winter here right now and there's no place I'd rather be than under my doona. Thanks for the idea!

    Love from Kaz