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Monday, July 5, 2010

Bower bird

My love of writing letters originated in a love of words. That hasn't changed... but since exploring the online community of letter-writers, I have been exposed to so much beautiful letter art - and have even received some myself - it seems to be having an effect on me.

I've found myself lately acting like a bower bird, collecting all sorts of little bits and pieces that I might be able to use to decorate letters and cards. I haven't actually produced very much yet, but my mind is bursting with ideas! I haven't felt creative juices like this in a while... it's a real buzz.

So, if you've written to me lately, be warned... you might be the recipient of one of my letter-craft experiments (I wouldn't dare call me naive and clumsy creations letter-art!). I found some wonderful antique cards in an op shop today...

Love from Kaz

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