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Thursday, August 5, 2010

C is for candid

Pip from Meet me at Mikes posted some blogging tips today (they are excellent, btw, check 'em out), and one of her suggestions is to be candid. So here I go...

I am a naturally upbeat person. I like looking on the bright side. It doesn't mean I'm never sad, disappointed, tired or disillusioned. It's just that I don't live there... I let the feelings flow over me, I take care of myself... and then my mood lifts and I am back on track.

This has been a week of some fabulous highs and difficult lows, so it's been hard to find my equilibrium. One of the lows has been my lack of mail. I haven't had a 'real' letter since last week. I have had a couple of postcrossing cards, and my lovely membership package from Letter Writers Alliance (if you haven't joined yet, stop what you are doing right now and go there immediately. You will not regret it!). But there hasn't been one letter... except for ones from the government, the bank, the local federal member. As I have consistently been mailing almost a letter a day for the past couple of months there's a part of me that feels entitled to expect some mail love. But then my brain chimes in and explains that it doesn't work that way. I have blogged about this before, actually... about how letter-writers have to face the fact that not everyone will reciprocate and we can't dictate a time-frame either. Some of the friends I have written to may take months to respond. If they respond at all!

If I was to find a bright side I guess it would be that I am confident that mail I have written is, right at this moment, winging its way around the world and will hopefully brighten someone's day. I can also be fairly confident that there are letters right now winging their way to me. I know Lynley in Perth has mailed me a letter, and I'm expecting one or two from the US. So I know I will  not be mail-less for long. However, when I've had a rough day I feel like I need good mail, and I feel like I deserve it.

I guess the answer is for me to write more letters.

Love from Kaz.

PS I got a lovely email from Sabine today who found me on the postcrossing pen pal list. She wrote to ask if I would like a letter. Well, Sabine, the answer is Yes, Yes, Yes! :-)


  1. Hi Kaz,
    Your letter brought me a big smile. I'm getting caught up on a few things at work, then will send something your way.

    When you send good mail, you will get good mail.

    Just not always the same day.

    Thanks for the post!
    Love from Sue

  2. Ah, have realised that my post may have given some of the people I write to the 'guilts' if they haven't written back yet. Please don't feel that way! Especially you, Sue :-). Whenever you get something in the mail to me will be fine.

  3. And, by the way, I got four lovely letters today. :-)