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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stationery I'm loving right now

A little while ago I was walking around Yass with my friend Charmaine and bemoaning that I couldn't find any good stationery in any of the shops. Of course, I forgot that I already had quite a bit of nice stationery still at home (it seems to be the lot of us letter-writers that we're never totally satisfied with the stationery we have and are always looking for more!). I also had yet to discover all of the great stationery available over the net.

Sometimes I make my own using plain A4 paper and magazine clippings, but when I'm not doing that I'll probably be using one of the designs below. I gathered together all my favourite stationery to share with you... I'd love to hear about your favourites, too.

I have been buying this personalised stationery for the past few years. I discovered it through one of my favourite "mooks" (magazine/book), Dumbo Feather, pass it on. If you haven't seen this before, google it. I guarantee you won't be sorry. Amazing interviews, gorgeous pictures. Anyway, a company called Bear & Duck created this stationery design, inspired by Dumbo Feather. I just looked Bear & Duck up online and it looks like they are going through some changes at the moment; they are planning to relaunch in September. I just hope they'll still have this stationery line!

The kookaburra is such an iconic bird image of Australia, and I love the way it has been brought up-to-date in this pretty card design by Jeremy Boot. This is designed and printed in Australia. I also like the two colour choices - white kookaburras on a blue background or blue kookaburras on a white background. I love choices.

Following on a bird theme, this writing paper cost a small fortune but I couldn't resist. It didn't scan very well - it's much prettier in real life. The main colour is a pale green-blue - lovely. The envelope is made from thick brown paper. The design is lovely but the best thing this stationery has going for it is that it is 100% earth friendly, according to the makers Earth Greetings: "printed carbon neutral in Australia with vegetable ink on 100% post consumer recycled paper." Nice.

I'm quite a fan of aerogrammes - they remind me of the months I spent in India when I was 20 and wrote home to my parents every week using aerogrammes. These designs are very Australian, and very quirky - in a good way!


These pretty cards come in handy when I'm in a pink mood. It happens... you know it does! They feel very luxe as the pattern on the front of the card is velveteen. Designed in Australia and very, very pretty.

And here is a brand new favourite. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to trial this design for free, thanks to Stella from the golden adventures of... It's an original Frank & Dean design. This is my first time using it, but it definitely will not be my last. I love the retro, quirky design and the line "you told me not to call you..." This will be perfect for Ken, who is my first recipient from sendsomething.net. I hope he likes it. In future, I might do some colouring in or doodles to have fun with the basic design but for now I'm going with this nice simple look. Don't you love it?

What stationery are you loving right now?


  1. Thanks Kaz! Great idea to colour it in! We will be doing colour prints in the future sometime but I love the idea of people colouring their own! I will link this to my blog when a few more of the ladies have put theirs up.... Cheers! x

  2. Hi Kaz! Like you, I'm always looking for more and more stationery. I do use lots, though, so I feel I'm justified in my madness :-) One of my favorite aerogrammes artist is International Girl. Also love Dark Horse Stationery sets at Things From Another World.

  3. Thanks for the links, PostMuse - I had never been to either of those sites before and feel like you've pointed me in the right direction. :-)