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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Mail Week

See this?

It's a picture of the Yass River in flood. We've had a huge amount of rain lately. I thought the pic was apt, as I've had a flood of mail this week. It feels like things are gathering momentum. I feel like I've done a pretty good job keeping up. Even so, this is my 'reply to' hoard:

You may be able to spot your letter there, if you've written to me recently. I'm averaging about two letters a day so I think I'll catch up... eventually. :-)

My only gripe is that I didn't get a speck of mail today... not even a bill or a flyer! And the crappy thing about not getting any mail on Fridays is that I now have to wait til Monday for the next mail day, and I'm not very good at waiting! If you haven't written me a letter yet, can you please write and time your posting so it arrives on a Friday? Thank-you. :-)

Love from Kaz


  1. I spot mine, I'm glad you got it, yay! I'll try my "bestest" to time a Friday delivery -- though I'm not sure how long it usually takes from California to Australia (about a week/7 days?)

    What a bummer not to get mail on Saturday. In the US, Sunday is the only off day for the post, but there's been talk recently that they might cancel Saturday deliveries as well, on account that mail's slowing down. I beg to differ!

  2. Thanks so much Elle... I'll just let you know that my request for Friday mail was very tongue in cheek. :-)

    Two days without mail is ridiculous... even worse when there is a long weekend. If your Saturday deliveries are under threat then I suggest we all make a big effort to send more mail and keep those posties busy!

  3. I can see mine!

    Yay you got it.

    Yass looks pretty.

  4. Yass is real pretty. I feel lucky everyday that I live here.