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Friday, August 20, 2010

Julia update

Only two days til the federal election now, and I have finally received a letter back from Julia Gillard.

I"ve actually sent three letters in total now. I sent the third one just a couple of days ago... it seems that once I started I just kept going!

A letter arrived yesterday and, strictly speaking, I can't say it's from Ms Gillard. It came with a 'with compliments' slip from the Labor National Secretariat, and was signed off  'Kind regards, ALP information services' - no signature.

Now I understand, of course, that our PM is in the middle of a very gruelling election campaign so I didn't really expect her to be sitting down having a latte and mulling over my letter before carefully wording her personal response... but I guess I did expect more than just a spiel from 'informationn services'.

The letter seems to be in response to my second letter, where I particularly addressed the issue of asylum seekers (I think our government's policies towards asylum seekers are inhumane on the whole), and this letter is basically a government policy statement. However, there is one line in the letter that shows me that whoever worded the response did actually read my letter in full... so I guess that's something.

I don't know if this changes my opinion of Julia. She is tipped to win the election (by a whisker) and if that is so I suspect that I will keep writing. As I said in my last Julia blog post, this relationship doesn't depend on her writing back... I just enjoy putting down my thoughts about what the government is doing... I guess it makes me feel a bit less powerless... and somehow connected to the powers that be.

Love from Kaz

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