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Monday, August 16, 2010


Little things often make me happy.

Today (Sunday) I woke up feeling kinda flat. You know when you have those kinda days? The kids were at their dad's house and I was missing them and not feeling very excited about anything. So, I used my typical antidote... and call me a shallow cliche if you like, but this really does the trick for me - I put on some pretty clothes, did my make-up and hair and headed off for some serious shopping.

And it all paid off when I found just what I have been looking for at Typo. I've had my eyes out for a letter-holder for a while but nothing was quite right... but this is perfect. I was so thrilled that I couldn't wait to tell the kids when I picked them up from their dad's. I think they thought I'd gone nuts.

First of all here's a before photo, showing the spot where my letters used to sit before they got mailed.

That's a postcrossing postcard and a letter to Joseph in Illinois, that got mailed last week. I guess they look fine, but I really felt they needed a little receptacle.

Now, see how great my mail looks sitting in its new letter-holder.

Doesn't that look spiffy? And here's a close-up. Yes, I'm in love.

That's a letter to Lynn, a friend who lives on a property just out of Yass, and a postcard to Hawkk in Oregon.

Now all I need is to find the perfect letter-opener and my life will be complete. :-)

Love from Kaz


  1. Except for the dressing up and putting on make-up, it sounds like a perfect outing. I LOVE the MAIL thingy ding. It is perfect.

    Isn't it wonderful that little things can make us so happy. Now, maybe I'll get to that letter writing later today. (My couch is an archaeological area, and I may unearth decades of history... well, months at least!)

    Enjoy! I'll send something to put in your new receptacle soon. (Is it incoming too?)


  2. I have lots of organising to do, too. I love the end result when I de-clutter but hate having to do it!

    This is only for outgoing... my incoming currently since on a pile on my bedside table... although I'll be re-thinking that sometime, too.

    Happy letter-writing. :-)

  3. I love the outgoing mail holder! Mine currently resides in a basket hanging on the bannister so I can grab it on the way out in the morning. My incoming has a huge slotted wooden box which will someday be the feature of on of my blog posts.

    In the US the mail carrier takes the mail out of our home mailboxes and leaves incoming. I know that in many countries that is not the case ... outgoing must be dropped in an official mailbox or brought to the post office. Can you leave mail in your mailbox?

  4. I love the fact you prettied yourself and headed out for a day of window shopping and retail therapy.

    Nothing better!!

    Well maybe something is better but on those days its the perfect answer.

  5. Cute. Sent a friend a letter the other day and she was so thrilled when she received it. Thought I wouldn't have much to say, but luckily I have some kids at school that provide plenty of funny anecdotes :-).

  6. Hello Kaz! I love looking at all these delightful mail-related articles! I'm on the lookout for a letter opener myself. Right now I'm using scissors, and though I try to be real careful, I still manage to snip away more than intended..boo! Love your letter holder, it speaks for itself doesn't it? Speaking of mail, I got yours a week ago (thank you!), I just sent my reply, and hopefully you'll get it soon.

    And yay for simple pleasures! Sometimes sprucing up and doing a bit of shopping (or window shopping) does the trick for me as well!

  7. It's nice to have so many people popping in and commenting... it's like a little party. :-)

    Postmuse - I LOVE that US posties will pick up as well as drop off mail. Talk about multi-tasking! Here we have to go to an Australia Post mail box or a post office. One day I'm going to post a pic of my post office because it's very cute... and I go there every day, pretty much.

    Dani - next time I'll call you and we can window-shop together. :-)

    Charmaine - I love hearing about the letters you've written. Remember when we stood on your verandah chatting and you told me you don't write letters... I think your excuse was that your handwriting was too messy... guess you sorted that out!

    Elle - Your letter arrived yesterday! It was lovely - thank-you, and the envelopes are fab, too. I'll certainly find uses for them before long!