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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random, pretty letter-y things

I've realised, as I was sorting out some of my stationery and things, that I have managed to amasse a lovely collection of pretty things this week. Some of them are things sent through the mail, and some of them are things that I plan to send through the mail, sooner or later.

Strictly speaking this didn't arrive in my possession this week. In fact, I think I have had it since about 2003. However, it's been missing and it was only because I started cleaning out my desk drawers that I found it again. I bought this at the Canberra Craft Fair, as I just loved the paper art methods used to create this wonderful collage. I still love it but have decided it has been with me long enough and it's time I set it free... so I am going to pop this into a letter one day...

A few days ago I mentioned a letter I received from Stephanie in NY, with a butterfly hugging it. Isn't it gorgeous?

This pretty envelope was the work of Hester, who wrote me a 'first' letter.

And when I opened it, this pretty lady was guarding the letter and other goodies inside.

And this gorgeous card and envelope came from Pamela in San Francisco. Pamela is a talented photographer and I was thrilled when I realised her card frames a Pamela original.

Check out the pretty calligraphy on this number from Miss Cranbourne in Melbourne - another 'first' letter. I wish I could write like that.

A pretty sunset postcard from my close friend Kerry, who is spending a few months travelling around Australia with her husband and two young boys.

I ordered this pretty writing paper over the internet from Readings bookshop in Melbourne. I always try to visit one of their stores when I'm in Melbourne. Usually the one on Lygon Street. Heaven.

This is a cute gift bag I found in an op shop today. It's in beautiful condition and I imagine I will make some envelopes out of this... or something...

At another op shop I picked up a giant book on sunflowers, with full colour photographs and illustrations. It's absolutely magnificant... and I'm going to commit the crime of taking scissors to it and turning the pages into envelopes. I'll probably post some pictures when I eventually get around to it...

Love from Kaz


  1. Ooo what treasures! The calligraphy is lovely, and I love that first picture as it is so pretty. But forgive my ignorance, what is an 'op' shop? Ah - just answered my own question by researching on google - an opportunity shop - much nicer than calling it a charity shop. A shop of opportunities sounds much better!

  2. Yes, I love the term op shop. Sometimes I wonder if I should use thrift shop or charity shop, so that my friends over the oceans will understand me better. Then again, there are many Australian 'words' that are pretty bloody good and deserve to be shared.

  3. Oh, fun to see my card to you on your blog. We are having a heat wave in the usually foggy SF. And I had a horrible mail week last week with almost no mail but happily got two letters yesterday.

  4. I sent you off a letter a few days ago... Friday, I think. Hopefully it will be there soon.

  5. Kaz

    I don't know if you meant to or not but the one postcard has your actual physical mailing address. In any case, I put a letter in the mail to you today to the PO Box. Thank you for your blog. I really enjoy it. I visited Darwin and Sydney while in the US Navy. Yours is a great country !!

  6. Thanks Captain. I had been aware of it when I uploaded the image, but it didn't worry me. However, I've now taken it down.

    I'm looking forward to your letter. :-)