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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Letter-writing milestones VI: Good Mail Week

Recently I said that I was looking forward to the time when I'd receive good mail every day of the week, and last week it happened.

On Monday I had a letters from new penpals Sally and Patty; on Tuesday from my old friends Lynley and Danielle; on Wednesday a first letter from Wendy and a reply from Rebecca; on Thursday a letter from Sue, another new penpal; and on Friday I had a letter from Kerry, my friend travelling around the country,  and a Postcrossing postcard from Riola in China. We don't have post here on Saturdays... much to my chagrin.

It doesn't just mean that I had lots of lovely mail last week. I feel like it marks a shift in my letter-writing journey. I can believe now that this little letterwriting caper has a future - there are penpal relationships I have made in the past few months which, circumstances willing, will go on for many years. I feel like good mail is something that is going to be a large part of my life for many years to come. When I'm a little old lady I'll still be pulling interesting mail out of the letterbox. That's a wonderful place to have got to!

While I'm writing this I have a little distraction scampering around my room. We adopted an abandoned kitten a few days ago. She is about 16 weeks old and wasn't in good shape when someone dropped her off at the vet hospital in town - but she's much better now! Her entertainment right now is sprinting down the hall, into my room, leaping over some clothes on the floor and then diving under my bed. She lies there a couple of minutes looking out at things, then sprints down the hall again. Very, very cute and distracting. Her name is Daisy and she's one of those run-of-the-mill shorthairs who are part tortoiseshell and part white.. and she has the prettiest yellow eyes. I'll have to put a photo up here sometime... perhaps she'll help me with my mail.

Love from Kaz


  1. Aww, your kitty sounds lovely! I love when they do that loopy running around and then crash out somewhere cosy because they've tired themselves out! Enjoy it while they're small, we have big kitties that do it, and one of them is not quite as elegant as ordinary cats and clumsily knocks down everything in sight!xx

  2. Oh, and congrats on an excellent post week!x