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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mail greed

Just a quick post today, as I'm busy answering as many letters as I can before my kids and I head off on a little holiday next week.

Isn't it always the way? I just posted about getting mail every day last week, then Monday rolled around and my letterbox was... empty. So was my post office box. I think the universe was reminding me not to take good mail for granted!

The plus side is that it gives me more of a chance to catch up on the mail I already have to reply to. Gone are the days when I had maybe 3 or 4 letters in my 'reply to' pile. These days it usually sits at about 15 letters... plus I still have quite a few 'first' letters I plan on writing.

My empty letterbox yesterday also got me thinking about this thing I call 'Mail greed.' The thing is, a person can go pretty much there whole life, only receiving a letter now and then. Then one day they decide they are going to start writing more letters and within a few months they have received more mail than they have in the past five years! But any day that the postie happens to pass by their letterbox and not drop something through the slot, well there's a disappointment... even if they got three letters the day before, and will get a couple more the next. See? Mail greed.

Or is that just me?

Love from Kaz


  1. I get mail greed too! I had mail most of last week, yesterday and today, but I still want moooore! I love to recieve them, but mostly replying; the time spent selecting the perfect stationary for the person I'm writing to from my stash, even going down to the post office to send it off! It's just nice to know that someone will be thrilled when it drops through their letter box, just like I am when something arrives for me. Maybe it's not so much greed as spreading a little happiness and being happy when some comes back! Have a great trip! xx

  2. Oh, you're certainly not the only one! I call it 'addiction' because I check my postbox several times a day and I feel disappointed when there's nothing in it... It would be some kind of wonderful utopia for me to get mail every single day ~ utopia because if it would come true, I'd have to shoot myself, since it would be physically impossible for me to reply to everyone in the way I want to... This is why I have to hold myself back and refrain from looking for new pals right now...
    Now I should finish a reply to give someone a happy mailbox in the next days ^^

  3. I get menu envy - it sounds kind of similar but happens at a restaurant, when I get what I order and I realise I want what someone else has more. Menu envy...

    Not that similar actually :)

  4. Ah yes....mail greed...I have it. You are exactly right, when the mailbox is empty I am disappointed even if I had mail the day before....but I have yet to have a week of getting mail every day like you did, Kaz. I think there are worse kinds of greed so we are OK....

  5. Oh, good to know it is just not me. Yes, mail addiction would be another good name for it Tanuki!

    But you are so right, Gemma, that it is also about replying and the whole mail love thing, giving, receiving, creating, sharing... lots of goodness.

    Kate, I totally get your menu envy thing...

    Yeah, there are definitely worse kinds of greed. By the way, can someone bring me more chocolate? ;-)

  6. I have mail greed! I had lovely mail yesterday; some new address labels, a couple of letters, a couple of zines... But today, nothing. And I am sooooo depressed! LOL!! I want more and more and more!

  7. I have mail envy at the moment. I'm reading and reading about people receiving good letters so I send some out. And wait....and wait...and wait some replies until I get fed up and send some more out :)