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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beautiful things in my mailbox

I'm always a bit torn about putting up pics of the beautiful mail art I receive. The reason? I feel like there is no hierarchy of mail and I don't want it to look like I value these any better than the sprawling letter on plain white paper in a plain white envelope that Kerry sent me, or the chunky letter that Geoff folded four times before it fit (just) into the little teeny envelope he used. Neither of those (and many others I've received) are very exciting to photograph but they still meant so much to me.

On the other hand, if a person goes to the trouble to make their correspondence visually appealing then I feel it is only right to share and celebrate it. This is a blog after all - pictures are the done thing apparently. :)

Ok, so I'll shut up now and show you the pretty pictures.

This is from a little while ago now (don't worry, Angelia, I have not forgotten you! My reply letter is coming soon.) Angelia used pages from a dictionary to decorate the envelope and wrap around the writing paper. I love the way she's held it together with a ribbon and  sticker. Small details are special.

A beautiful package from Elle. Isn't that handmade paper just gorgeous? And do you see the little teeny weeny peg on the card on the left?

Gemma responded to the cheesy Sydney postcard I sent her with this wonderfully cheesy London postcard., I love it! It's not exactly mail art... more mail whimsy perhaps.

In my last letter, I sent Kandi a brochure from the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra (near where I live). It was basically a program of what they were showing for the next few months. Kandi took that and made this amazing card. Not only does it look incredible but the feel and texture of it is wonderful too - I wish you could take a turn holding it... it's that good.

She also included this spellbinding photograph.

I love this stylish paper and envelope that Kestrel sent. I believe it is from 16 Sparrows.

What a pretty envelope, and check out the 'Handle With Care' stamp - a first letter from Lisa in Texas.

Can you believe this postcard that Ria made? This was also a 'first'. I find it amazing when people I've not met yet send me such beautiful things.

This envelope from Rosemary just made me smile as soon as I pulled it out of my PO Box. Can you believe it's another 'first' letter?

Inside were two beautiful photo-cards (she took the pictures herself). She wrote on one of the cards and left the other blank for me to use. So thoughtful.

Without a doubt this cryptic missive from Trout is the most intriguing and original letter I've received to-date, and the envelope didn't disappoint either. I feel very much challenged about how to respond!

What's turned up in your mailbox lately?

Love from Kaz


  1. Kaz,
    Please post away -- I am inspired by seeing photos of what others are doing!

  2. Kaz,
    Thanks for posting my photocards! It was an honour to see them and the envelope on your blog. By the way, it wasn't a "first" letter. It was in reply to your letter which was in reply to a first from me. Though, I'm sure that you get so much mail you can't always keep track of us newbies. No worries!

  3. Well, my face is red. This is no excuse but I was putting that post together in snatches during a busy day. It did occur to me that I was possibly getting things mixed up... but didn't take the time to check. Lesson learnt!

  4. Im glad that the postcard arrived to you.
    Hope that you do like it and will look forward to hearing from you soon. keep posting. i love looking at your wonderful cards you've received/
    Hugs, Ria