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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Signing off

Here's the thing: rather than blog about writing letters, I really want to just write more letters. This is why I am hanging up my blogging cap, at least for now.

I have enjoyed hanging out here so much. I have made innumerable friends - most of them now pen friends - through this very blog and am grateful for everyone who has stumbled on this little place and decided to write to me. Your letters have all been treasured.

This community of letter-writers that exits in the webisphere is a wonderful thing, and I know I won't be able to resist logging in every now and then to see what some of my favourite letter-bloggers are up to. Keep up the fabulous work!

My problem is that I got overwhelmed. Perhaps I bit off more than I could chew. I found myself struggling to get back to everyone in a reasonable time-frame and once I got a bit behind the problem just grew.

Be assured that if you have written to me, you will get a letter back from me. Also, if you haven't written to me yet, or have just found this blog and would like to write, I am still happy to receive new letters and write back. I will leave this blog 'live' because I am always excited to get letters from other letter-lovers.

I'm just wanting to slow things down a little, relieve the pressure, and stay connected to all the things I really do love about writing and receiving letters.

You can also contact me via email - ilovelettersatgmaildotcom.

Special thanks to Pamela for your kind inquiry as to my whereabouts... it was nice to be missed. :-)

Take care everyone...

Love from Kaz


  1. Ah...Kaz.....I understand.....but I will really miss your posts. But working, parenthood, life and letter writing takes time, doesn't it? Please keep in touch with us, one way or another. Happy Holidays and wishes for some good mail -- and peace -- in 2011.

  2. Aww, I will really miss your posts! Please keep in touch!
    Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year!

  3. Awwwwhhhh! No, really? Oh well. I always love getting your letters. Keep it up. Is it my turn to write? Or you? I cant remember. xoxo

  4. Hey Kaz,
    I can understand your decision. I have enjoyed your blog, and hope to continue to send some letters your way. I hope you'll stop by the web sometimes.

    Enjoy the letter writing! That's the main thing. It does seem a bit odd that we love to write letters, send cards, make mailart... Then we digitize everything and put it on the web. (Though you are more of a writer, and I enjoy that.)

    Cheers! and Happy Solstice!


  5. Good decision, Kaz. Hope all's well in your world. I just discovered your blog today (via Carla at 365 Letters and Angelia's Year of Letters).


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